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Bunk beds & high beds can be a fun & space saving piece of furniture for childrens bedrooms but it is important to follow some safety guidelines to ensure they are used properly.

Upper bunk beds & high beds should not be used by children under 6 years of age.

Be aware of the danger of young children falling from the upper bunk.

Younger siblings or friends (under 6) should be instructed not to climb the ladder/upper bed.

Children should be carefully advised by an adult on how to safely climb up & down the ladder or steps.

Horseplay including jumping around etc... should not be permitted on the upper bed.

Do not allow any type of cord, rope, belt, scarf or anything similar to be hung from the upper bed.

The mattress on the upper bed should not be too deep. The mattress should always be below the sides & safety rail of the upper/bunk bed.

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It is a good idea to place a night light which is easily accessible from the upper bed in case the child needs to climb down from the upper bed during the night.

It is also a good idea to set out some clear rules such as no leaning over the sides of the upper bunk.




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