Druids’ dream

Druids Dream is a casino game from Dream Vision Systems. I played this game recently, and was very impressed with it. The graphics were quite nice; the sound was just as good as it’s counterpart, Mafia Wars, and it’s fun to play. I don’t know what sets this game apart from Mafia Wars, but there are definite similarities. Basically, the game revolves around a plot of four different characters (all using a unique avatar), and each character has their own goals, dreams, and desires to fulfill. Structure wise it’s got a 40 room tower, 5 stacks, 4 reels, and also a secret shop for money/items.

So, basically nothing is out of the ordinary, however it does have a very distinctive look, which immediately jumps out at you. The vibes it gives off is both mysterious and charming at once. Druids Dream offers an astonishing jackpot of $80,000 on a single spin! This is by far the biggest jackpot in all of casino games, and there are literally hundreds of other players trying to take this jackpot away.

There are several other unique things about druids dream, aside from the huge cash prize, but one thing in particular caught my attention. What happens is you have to go through a number of scenes, each with a different theme (such as an enchanted forest, or an ancient temple). Each scene requires a certain amount of spins, and upon spinning all the way to the end you reveal an icon that lets you know you have won! Another interesting thing that happens after you win is that you are transported back to the beginning of the game. From here you can continue where you left off, or do whatever you want, as long as you have enough coins to return to the start of the scene.