If you like slots but haven’t checked out the new flash casino games that have just hit the market recently, give them a try. I can’t say I’m a fan of either Blackjack or Slots, but they each have their own unique charm that keep me coming back. The new flash slot games are definitely worth checking out, even if they are fairly new compared to other slots games available. Here’s why. Lights is one of the newest bonus games on many online casino websites. If you don’t know much about it, don’t worry, because it doesn’t take a master to figure it out. Once you start playing, you’ll quickly get the hang of the action. Don’t expect to win much with Lights, but don’t go into disheartening defeat because there is a decent amount of money involved.

As far as the slot machine itself goes, it’s a fairly standard layout with the familiar circles and squares. The payout rate isn’t exceptionally high, but the color changing capability definitely makes it worth checking out. There is a small single color light at the center of the machine, and that’s all you see. It flashes either red or green depending on which icon is currently active. You can simply click on any icon to switch to that color, and then simply press the red or green light whenever you want. It really is a neat feature, and one that can significantly improve your overall playing experience.