Pearl of the orient

Pearl of the Orient. The sobriquet and historical for the Philippines. Shanghai, China’s cosmopolitan city, named after the beautiful Oriental Pearl Harbor. Hong Kong, an independent country of China.

The country which possesses the best combination of eastern and western civilization, and with a tropical weather, beaches, hills, rivers, tropical flora and fauna, etc, has become a prominent tourist spot, especially in the pearl industry, attracting tourists from all parts of the world. It has a natural beauty that surpasses many cities in the west. Here are some tourist spots in and around the pearl coast:

Manila, capital city of Philippines, is a major international hotspot in South-East Asia. It is a well-known natural beauty, rich cultural heritage and modern living. Manila was one of major US objectives in World War II. The city is home to numerous islands as well as peninsulas. The Manila Archipelago, a group of islands and peninsulas, is a major World Heritage Site in the Philippines and is visited by many tourists, world wide.

The Philippines called as the “Pearl of the Orient” is located at the eastern end of the Malay Peninsula, off the east coast of Borneo. It is a very important destination in terms of sea trade. It is a well-known natural beauty that surpasses many cities in the west. It has a unique rich culture and a variety of sea life, including giant clams and manta rays. Manila, known as the “Pearl of the Orient”, is home to numerous monuments, museums, streets, parks and architectures that showcase its rich culture and heritage.

The Philippines is named after the world renowned explorer Christopher Columbus, who first used the term “Mindanao” in 15aran. It has become the traditional destination for visiting Mindanao island. Manila which is named after Spain’s first President, has grown into a major economic, cultural and political center of the country, as well as one of Asia’s most important cities. A visit to the Philippines is considered as one of the greatest experiences of one’s life.

Aviso a manila or the old quarter of manila – known as Sinulog – is the oldest and the best preserved quarter in the whole Philippines, right in the heart of Manila. Sinulog is also the site where one can find the Manila Chinatown. The Manila Chinatown is a real live museum, housing a collection of more than sixteen thousand relics, most of them are original artifacts that were brought by Spanish colonists in the early part of the seventeenth century. A visit to Manila is must for anybody interested in learning about the history of the Philippines, including its fascinating heritage and colorful culture.