Robo smash

The Robo Smash series is one of the newest casino games to come out from the Westsoft Group, and it is a game with a lot of promise. After all, Westsoft has had a lot of success with their well known theme parks and games, namely: Farm Town and reviving classic arcade hits like Street Fighter II, Mega Man and Pac-Man. These are games that have a fan base that stretches across generations of players, and the promise of a fresh new experience is very appealing to players looking for something different from what they’ve been playing. The Robo Smash series follows in the footsteps of its predecessors, and promises to be even more fun than those earlier games.

Unlike other slot machines offering only a single reels of reels with a single dollar counter, the new release will offer players nine reels in total with four more doubling as bonus rounds. This allows the player to earn as much as three hundred and fifty dollars in this top prize game. With the wild robot slot machines that were introduced with Turbo Shot, players will find that they don’t have quite as much downtime. In addition, with a combination of traditional slots and the wild robot slots, players should find that they have just as much fun with this game as they did with the older versions.

The mechanics and the strategy involved in playing Robo Smash are relatively simple. It’s easy to tell when a robot is ready to play by the flashing symbols that surround it on the reels. Players can place a bet before the race begins and they can also place a bet after the race starts but before the time runs out in case there are runners. In addition to the regular symbols, there are some symbols that actually translate into values, allowing the player to earn more than what they put on the line, but it is important to remember that all winning slots must contain at least one of the standard symbols.