Super striker

In the latest release of the popular slot games “Superstar Slots” you play a Superstar. Like all the other slot games in the series, you need to know your luck by betting on the number slot machines that appears on the payline. The outcome of the game is dependent on the number of coins in your hand when the time for the spin comes. If you bet high, you win. If you bet low, you lose. This super striker slot game has 3 reels, 5 rows, and 7 paylines. Another nice feature is the free spinning where after you fill all the reels you instantly win the total jackpot. This is the same way of the netent slot game wherein you have the same chance of winning the jackpot. In this slot game, there are also symbols beside each reel, for example, the “A” is for the Ace symbol. The symbols stand for the color which represents the ball which is colored either red or black, and they also signify the value of the ball.

When you spin the reels and see the direction of the ball, you will get an idea on how you can bet for the next spin. Most of these online casino games have football pitch theme. There are number of reels arranged in the pitch like the goal line. Most of the time, there are green symbols with white numbers which represent the net points. When you see the numbers on the screen, you will get to know which set of the net will give you the highest score.

One of the neat features of this super striker slot machine is the inclusion of the soccer balls. You can place your bets through the net, in front of the football goal. These football scatters will remind you once again that football is all about passion, and these machines will make you forget about all your troubles while you enjoy the game.

If you want to make things interesting and get entertained, then make sure that you win at all costs. Betting should be based on pure luck and never rely on a re-roll or any other system that makes you think that you have an edge over the machine. In fact, the odds are always stacked against the user. This golden football boot slot game is no different from the others that you find in online casinos, except that they have an added feature wherein you can choose the type of football ball you want to play with. There are many football options including, goals, legends and defensive players.

The best part about playing Super striker for free is that it offers you free re-rolls. It has symbols that will tell you which direction you need to spin the reels. You can also find out which football boots are the best ones for you depending on your personal preferences. To take advantage of this golden opportunity, login now and get your very own Super striker slots machine!