Wild beats

Wild Beats is a fun slot game with a unique twist: play it on the go. Play it on your iPhone, Android phone or PSP device – wherever you are. If you love playing casino games that require a lot of strategy and thinking outside the box, then you’ll love Wild Beats.

Wild Beats is an inventive, arcade-style Playtech Powered slot machine with 25 different paylines and five reels. Playable on compatible mobile devices (including iPhones, Android and PSP) from 10 p.c to 25 p.c, this hip hop inspired offering benefits greatly from wild spins that turn symbols into bonus rounds. Each time a symbol is spun around a reel, a number of icons will flash on the screen. These icons represent the wild beats that you need to accumulate in order to win big jackpots.

There are several icons that can be used in the wild-beats spinning process, including: hearts, stars, dollar signs, bottles, microphone icons, background icons, track names, and more. A player’s hand will move up and down the reels while she clicks the touch screen to spin the symbols. Players can choose which icons she wants to focus on with a drag and drop option from a quick selection menu. After a few successful spins, the machine will “spin up”, giving players one last chance to hit the “Play” button to place their bets before the reels spin again.

With a single wild beat, players can decide how many more icons they wish to collect. The number of icons the machine will spin will depend on the outcome of that particular wild beat. For example, if a participant lands on the word “play” when a new icon has been selected, the machine will give her two free spins, and then give her a paid Spin cycles. If she lands on the word “breakout” and chooses a new icon, she’ll receive three free spins before being paid.

There is an icon for “buy”, which allows players to put money on the machine so that it will pay off when it spins a wild beat. This is often referred to as the “hot” reel. A “cold” reel operates the same way, except that it stops when the last symbol on the reel has been spun, at which point it will return to the spinning reel on the bottom of the slot. Many machines in this slot machine genre have both hot and cold reel options.

When paying out, a player will notice a number added to the reel that begins at the very bottom of the reel. This adds up to 100, indicating the payout amount for that particular reel. Some machines have only one or two wild beats, but most include them. In terms of payouts, a jackpot of over a dollar thousand will be the biggest and most profitable of all the reels. The smallest payouts will produce smaller winnings.